De Minimis Front and Center in Congressional Action This Week

By Kristi Ellis Congressional scrutiny and action over the de minimis loophole took center stage on Capitol Hill this week, as lawmakers underscored the severe economic impacts to American manufacturing and dangers to U.S. consumers wrought by this provision in U.S. trade law, during two days of action that culminated in a markup of de […]

U.S.-China Commission Hears Alarming Testimony on Rise in Unsafe Imports from China through the De Minimis Loophole

The U.S.-China Economic Security and Review Commission (USCC) heard alarming testimony from legal experts and government officials at a recent hearing, highlighting the rise in dangerous and toxic imported consumer products from China and the lack of resources and effective enforcement by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to monitor a surge in imports […]

UFLPA Hearing Update

U.S. Textile Industry Figures Prominently in Congressional Hearing Exploring the Implications of the Lack of Enforcement of UFLPA A bipartisan congressional panel questioned three administration officials Thursday over concerns related to their enforcement efforts to staunch the massive flow of products made with forced labor, which has adversely impacted the U.S. textile industry and other […]