Archive News Releases 2013

NCTO Praises the Reintroduction of the Textile Enforcement and Security Act of 2013  

NCTO Applauds the Announcement of the Textile Enforcement and Security Act  

National Council of Textile Organizations Endorses Senate Currency Letter  

Augustine Tantillo Named President of NCTO  

NCTO Statement on Vietnamese Presidential Visit to Washington, D.C. Textile Organization Urges President Obama to Consider Strong Congressional Support of "Yarn Forward"  
National Council of Textile Organizations Applauds the Introduction of the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill by the House Ways and Means Committee  

Congress Backs NCTO Letter to USTR Advocating Fair Textile Provisions   Bi-partisan support for "Yarn Forward" rule of origin doubles in past year  
National Council of Textile Organizations Statement on Michael Froman's Confirmation by the United States Senate  

National Council of Textile Organizations Statement on Michael Froman's Consideration by the Senate Finance Committee  

National Council of Textile Organizations Applauds Trade Nominee's Support of 'Yarn Forward' Rule of Origin  
US Senator Burr & NCTO Respond to USTR Confirmation Hearing  

NCTO Elects Officers during Annual Meeting Held in Washington, DC Bill Jasper Re-elected to Third Term as NCTO Chairman; Jay Self Re-elected Vice Chairman  

Haiti Joins TAAT Alliance — Urges U.S. to Stand by Strong Textile Rules in TPP Sees Devastating Results for Haitian Economy under Vietnamese Proposals

Archive News Releases 2012

NCTO Member and Frontier Spinning Mills CEO John Bakane Named to Ex-Im Bank Advisory Committee

NCTO Praises U.S. Decision to Join WTO Consultations on China Textile Subsidy Case

U.S. Textile Industry Strongly Supports Wear American Act of 2012

U.S. Industry Ready and Able to Supply Olympic Uniforms

NCTO Elects Officers during Annual Meeting Held in Washington, DC

76 Members of Congress Send Letter to USTR Urging Strong Textile/Apparel Chapter in the TPP — 05/01/2012 Congressional Letter to Ambassador Ron Kirk 
— Signatories of Gowdy-Kissell Letter to Ambassador Ron Kirk

New Global Coalition Urges textile rules that Support Jobs, Private Industry and Exports in TPP

— Trade Groups from 30 Countries Support U.s. Negotiating Position on Textiles

Archive News Releases 2011

NCTO Calls on House Committee to Pass Bill to Address China's Exchange Rate Policy
– Urges Action as a "No Cost" Step that Creates Jobs and Builds New Export Markets
— NCTO Statement to Ways and Means Hearing on the U.S.-China Economic Relationship 
Senators Hagan and Graham Introduce Legislation to Combat Textile Fraud, Save Textile Jobs

–Senate companion version of House Textile Enforcement and Security Act–

NCTO Thanks Textile District Representatives for Opposition on Korea Free Trade Agreement

     — Two-Thirds of Textile Caucus Sides with Textile Companies and Workers

     — NCTO Praises Vote to Approve Colombia FTA

U.S. Textile Industry Applauds Senate Passage of China Currency Bill

     — NCTO Urges U.S. House of Representatives to Act NOW

Analysis Details Vast Chinese Subsidies for Their Textile Exporters — Adds New Urgency for Currency

Vote to Bring Textile Jobs Home
   — Testimony to U.S. Trade Representative on China's Compliance with WTO Commitments 

Textile Workers Deliver Nearly 27,000 Petitions Urging "No" Vote on U.S.-Korea FTA

Joint Press Statement — U.S. & Regional Textile Groups Press for Jobs-Oriented "Yarn-Forward" Rule in

TPP Negotiations in Chicago

Trade Associations from 25 Countries Urge Strict Textile Rules in TPP Talks

U.S. Apparel and Textile Industry Applauds Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization Mark Up

NCTO Hails Introduction of Textile Enforcement and Security Act of 2011

Textile Industry Urges NO Vote on Korea FTA

Surging U.S. Textile Export Figures Reaffirm Need for Strong Textile Rules in TPP Negotiations

52 Members of Congress Send USTR Key Negotiating Objectives for Trans-Pacific Partnership in Textiles and Apparel Chapter

NCTO Elects Officers during Annual Meeting Held in Washington, DC

   -Bill Jasper Elected New NCTO Chairman; Jay Self Elected Vice Chairman

Archive News Releases 2010

Textile Company Wins State's Coveted ACE Award
-PCCA Gets Corporate Excellence Award for Denimatrix Venture in Guatemala-

Major Worldwide Textile Groups Urge Action Against India on Cotton
    Illegal Indian Cotton Export Restraints Threaten Textile Recoveries in EU, Mexico, Turkey and United States
Ten Textile Groups from the Western Hemisphere Call for Action on India Cotton Export Ban

NCTO Hails House Passage of China Currency Bill

NCTO Hails Bipartisan Committee Vote on China Currency Bill

Kissell Wins Passage of Textile Jobs Bill in House, NCTO Calls on the Senate to Act

NCTO Applauds Hearing Calls for House Vote on China's Exchange Rate Policy

Senators Hagan and Graham Introduce Textile Enforcement and Security Act of 2010

Hastings to Serve on Manufacturing Council

Textile Industry & SEIU Urge Renegotiation of Textile Text in KOREA FTA
NCTO Hails Commerce Decision on Dyeing and Finishing Rules

U.S. Textile Industry Applauds Introduction of Textile Enforcement and Security Act of 2010

NCTO Urges New Efforts on Textile Custom Enforcement

NCTO Elects Officers during Annual Meeting held in Washington, DC

NCTO Applauds Ways and Means Chairman Levin for Holding Hearing on Chinese Currency Practices

Predicts Large U.S. Textile and Apparel Job Losses from Inclusion of Vietnam in TransPacific Partnership Agreement

Archive News Releases 2008

NCTO Press Release 12/19/08
US Files Textile Subsidy Case Against China

NCTO Press Release 12/12/08
Textile Mill Economic Assistance Clears Hurdle

NCTO Press Release 12/12/08
China Takes More than Half of U.S. Apparel Market As Quota Phase-out Nears

NCTO Press Release 12/4/08
NCTO Applauds Richardson Choice for Commerce

NCTO Press Release 11/24/08
China Increases Textile Subsidies by $10 billion as Quota Phase-out Nears

NCTO Press Release 10/29/08
Obama Backs Key Textile Policy Positions

NCTO Press Release 10/28/08
NCTO Applauds Move by Government to Challenge Chinese Textile Subsidies

NCTO Press Release 10/9/08
Rangel Orders Monitoring of Textile and Apparel Imports from China Industry Applauds Action – Could Lead to New Safeguards on China

NCTO Press Release 10/1/08
23 International Textile Groups Urge WTO to Re-Examine Duty-Free, Quota-Free Initiative

NCTO Press Release 9/30/08
73 Members of Congress and U.S. Textile Industry Urge U.S. Govt. to Expand Textile Monitoring Program to Imports from China

NCTO Press Release 9/15/08
International Textile Groups from 17 Countries Urge Textile Monitoring for China

NCTO Press Release 7/30/08
U.S. – Mexican Textile Industries to Work Together on China, Customs Issues

NCTO Press Release 6/19/08
Cass Johnson Appears Before House Committee on Small Business

NCTO Press Release 5/20/08
NCTO Elects Officers During Annual Meeting Held in Washington, DC

NCTO Press Release 02/26/08
African and Western Hemisphere Textile Groups Oppose McDermott Trade Bill

NCTO Press Release 02/15/08
2007 Proves to be a Transitional Year for U.S. Industry

NCTO Press Release 02/14/08
Currency Legislation Urgent as Trade Deficit with China Soars in 2007

NCTO Press Release 01/14/08
NCTO Develops New Tools against Spreading Customs Fraud

NCTO Testimony 11/08/2007
AMTAC/NCTO Testimony on Haiti Hope Act before the U.S. International Trade Commission

Archive News Releases 2007

NCTO Testimony 11/01/2007
NCTO Testimony To House Small Business Committee on Pending FTA

NCTO Testimony 10/30/2007
U.S. International Trade Commission Government Policies Affecting U.S. Trade in Selected Sectors

NCTO Press Release, 5/11/07
“NCTO Urges Congress to Ratify Pacts and Quickly Extend Andean Trade Preferences Following Agreement on Labor Issues”

NCTO Press Release, 5/3/07
“NCTO Elects Officers During Annual Meeting Held in Washington, DC”

NCTO Comments, 4/20/07

NCTO Comments, 3/15/07
“NCTO Comments to USTR on Implementation of the Duty-free/Quota Free Commitment Made During the WTO Hong Kong Ministerial” (PDF)

NCTO Comments, 2/13/07
“NCTO Comments to USTR on Enforcement of the Haiti HOPE legislation” (PDF)

NCTO’s Year-End Economic and Trade Review for the Textile Industry, 1/29/07
“New Vietnam Antidumping Commitment Key to Future Stability of U.S. Textile Industry”

NCTO Press Release, 1/12/07

“Subject: Application of Countervailing Duty Law to Imports from the People’s Republic of China”

Archive News Releases 2006

NCTO Letter, 12/08/06
“Textile Industry and Labor Officials Urge House and Senate to Reject Job-Destroying Haiti and AGOA Provisions”(PDF)
Haiti letter from Eight Senators (Lame Duck Eight) to House and Senate Leaders (PDF)

NCTO Press Release, 11/13/06 “NCTO Board Votes Unanimously to Support Peru and Colombia FTAs”
11 10 06 Andean Textile and Apparel Letter Bush (PDF)
11 10 06 Andean Textile and Apparel Letter Hastert (PDF)

NCTO Press Release, 10/19/06
“NCTO Board Votes Unanimously to Support Peru and Colombia FTAs”

NCTO Press Release, 9/29/06
“Government to Self-Initiate Dumping Cases Against Vietnam When Quotas Expire”

NCTO Press Release, 9/24/06

NCTO Press Release, 9/20/06

NCTO Press Release, 8/30/06
“Vietnam Now Second Largest Supplier to U.S. Market in Quota-Free Apparel Categories”

NCTO Press Release, 8/4/06
“Senate Passes CAFTA Fixes for Pocketing and Trouser Fabric Manufacturers”

NCTO Press Release, 7/27/06
“NCTO Applauds House Action on CAFTA Improvements that will Promote U.S. Textile Exports and Protect Jobs”

NCTO Testimony, 7/12/06
“NCTO Testimony on Vietnam – Submitted to the Senate Finance Committe”

Joint Press Release, 6/29/06
“U.S. House of Representatives Calls for USTR to Adhere to Textile Negotiating Objectives in WTO Talks”

NCTO Press Release, 6/23/06
“Absent WTO Action on Textile Sectoral, New Trade Stats Confirm China Will Take Over U.S. Apparel Market

Joint Press Release, 6/20/06
“Statement of U.S. Textile Industry on Shift in U.S. Policy on Textiles in the Doha Round”

Joint Press Release, 6/13/06
“U.S. Industry Lauds Congressional Call for Separate WTO Textile Negotiations and Vietnam Safeguard”
“Congressional Sectoral Vietnam Letter June 2006”

NCTO Press Release, 5/17/06
“NCTO Board Adopts New Resolutions on Trade Agreements at Annual Meeting”

NCTO Press Release, 5/14/06
“Vietnam WTO Agreement is Victory for Vietnam at the Expense of U.S. Textile Workers” (PDF)

NCTO Press Release, 5/10/06
“NCTO Urges Quick Passage of Tax Reconciliation Package”

Joint Press Release, 3/23/06
“Textile Trade Associations Endorse Turkey’s Proposal for Separate Textile Negotiations Within WTO NAMA Talks” (PDF)
“Turkish Sectoral Proposal for Textiles”(PDF)

NCTO Press Release, 3/15/06
“NCTO Supports Legislation Requiring U.S. Department of Homeland Security to Source Textile and Apparel Products from U.S. Manufacturers”

NCTO Press Release, 3/2/06
“In 2005, China Moves Toward Monopolizing Non-Quota Apparel Categories in both U.S. and EU”

Statement of Cass Johnson- EU Textile Sectoral at WTO (PDF)

“U.S. textile industry testimony at WTO NAMA textile hearing held earlier today” (PDF)

A Comprehensive Analysis of Apparel Trade in Quota-Free Categories and Quota- Restrained Categories into the United States and European Union.

NCTO Press Release, 2/22/06


NCTO Press Release, 1/10/06

“NCTO’s 2005 Year-End Economic and Trade Review for the Textile Industry” (PDF)