Archive News Releases 2008

NCTO Press Release 12/19/08
US Files Textile Subsidy Case Against China

NCTO Press Release 12/12/08
Textile Mill Economic Assistance Clears Hurdle

NCTO Press Release 12/12/08
China Takes More than Half of U.S. Apparel Market As Quota Phase-out Nears

NCTO Press Release 12/4/08
NCTO Applauds Richardson Choice for Commerce

NCTO Press Release 11/24/08
China Increases Textile Subsidies by $10 billion as Quota Phase-out Nears

NCTO Press Release 10/29/08
Obama Backs Key Textile Policy Positions

NCTO Press Release 10/28/08
NCTO Applauds Move by Government to Challenge Chinese Textile Subsidies

NCTO Press Release 10/9/08
Rangel Orders Monitoring of Textile and Apparel Imports from China Industry Applauds Action – Could Lead to New Safeguards on China

NCTO Press Release 10/1/08
23 International Textile Groups Urge WTO to Re-Examine Duty-Free, Quota-Free Initiative

NCTO Press Release 9/30/08
73 Members of Congress and U.S. Textile Industry Urge U.S. Govt. to Expand Textile Monitoring Program to Imports from China

NCTO Press Release 9/15/08
International Textile Groups from 17 Countries Urge Textile Monitoring for China

NCTO Press Release 7/30/08
U.S. – Mexican Textile Industries to Work Together on China, Customs Issues

NCTO Press Release 6/19/08
Cass Johnson Appears Before House Committee on Small Business

NCTO Press Release 5/20/08
NCTO Elects Officers During Annual Meeting Held in Washington, DC

NCTO Press Release 02/26/08
African and Western Hemisphere Textile Groups Oppose McDermott Trade Bill

NCTO Press Release 02/15/08
2007 Proves to be a Transitional Year for U.S. Industry

NCTO Press Release 02/14/08
Currency Legislation Urgent as Trade Deficit with China Soars in 2007

NCTO Press Release 01/14/08
NCTO Develops New Tools against Spreading Customs Fraud

NCTO Testimony 11/08/2007
AMTAC/NCTO Testimony on Haiti Hope Act before the U.S. International Trade Commission