Archive News Releases 2011

NCTO Calls on House Committee to Pass Bill to Address China's Exchange Rate Policy
– Urges Action as a "No Cost" Step that Creates Jobs and Builds New Export Markets
— NCTO Statement to Ways and Means Hearing on the U.S.-China Economic Relationship 
Senators Hagan and Graham Introduce Legislation to Combat Textile Fraud, Save Textile Jobs

–Senate companion version of House Textile Enforcement and Security Act–

NCTO Thanks Textile District Representatives for Opposition on Korea Free Trade Agreement

     — Two-Thirds of Textile Caucus Sides with Textile Companies and Workers

     — NCTO Praises Vote to Approve Colombia FTA

U.S. Textile Industry Applauds Senate Passage of China Currency Bill

     — NCTO Urges U.S. House of Representatives to Act NOW

Analysis Details Vast Chinese Subsidies for Their Textile Exporters — Adds New Urgency for Currency

Vote to Bring Textile Jobs Home
   — Testimony to U.S. Trade Representative on China's Compliance with WTO Commitments 

Textile Workers Deliver Nearly 27,000 Petitions Urging "No" Vote on U.S.-Korea FTA

Joint Press Statement — U.S. & Regional Textile Groups Press for Jobs-Oriented "Yarn-Forward" Rule in

TPP Negotiations in Chicago

Trade Associations from 25 Countries Urge Strict Textile Rules in TPP Talks

U.S. Apparel and Textile Industry Applauds Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization Mark Up

NCTO Hails Introduction of Textile Enforcement and Security Act of 2011

Textile Industry Urges NO Vote on Korea FTA

Surging U.S. Textile Export Figures Reaffirm Need for Strong Textile Rules in TPP Negotiations

52 Members of Congress Send USTR Key Negotiating Objectives for Trans-Pacific Partnership in Textiles and Apparel Chapter

NCTO Elects Officers during Annual Meeting Held in Washington, DC

   -Bill Jasper Elected New NCTO Chairman; Jay Self Elected Vice Chairman