Alexium Presents Environmentally-Friendly Flame Retardant Chemistry

TechTextil, July 11, 2015

Alexium specializes in developing environmentally-friendly flame retardant chemistries for many fabrics, including synthetic-rich fabrics in the textile industry. Jon Heard, Head of Business development and marketing during an interview to Pakistan Textile Journal highlights how Alexium together with iTextiles in Pakistan is developing the technical textiles and work wear garment segment in Pakistan.

Please tell us about your company?

Alexium formulation experts are knowledgeable in auxiliary textile chemicals and can also create customized solutions that will yield exceptional FR performance and provide any other fabric characteristics, that are required for the end-use application. Alexium’s core business is developing leading chemical solutions for the military and commercial sectors, including eco-friendly flame retardant treatments for textile applications, development of FR polymer additives for non-textile applications and smart surface treatments for high performance materials.

Please elaborate some of the multi-functional treatments for various applications?
Alexium is an innovation driven technology company offering novel flame retardant formations and differentiated products for use in various industrial applications. We are not limited to work wear garments, but have also developed FR treatments for upholstery, furnishing, transportation, contract, bedding, military applications.

In short, I can say that Alexium sells three series of chemistries that can be customized for suit the particular need of the customer. Our chemistries can also be used in non-textile applications, including master batch, films and resins.

Alexiflam™ is the flame retardant treatment for polyester, cotton and poly-cotton blends. It is durable, halo-gen-free, as well as cost-effective solution that meets many international FR standards. It can be easily applied with conventional textile equipment and does not melt or drip. It is ideal for 100% Polyester and 100% Cotton.
Alexiflam-NF™ is flame retardant treatment for cotton rich and wool rich blends.
Alexiflam-SYN™ is flame retardant treatment for 100% polyester, 100% acrylic, 100% nylon and synthetic-rich blends.
Alexium’s Eco-Friendly FR Chemistry

What are other advantages of the Alexium Chemistry? How do you differentiate from competitors?

Alexium offers flame resistant chemistry, which makes textiles flame resistant, whether it’s a natural or synthetic fibre, the fabrics finished with Alexium are durable, cost effective, Halogen free and does not drastically alter fabric appearance. You can say that we cover the entire spectrum of fabrics, synthetics, natural and blends.

We are fundamentally different as our fabrics are not only eco-friendly like others, but the efficacy is better than existing flame resistant chemistries, meaning one has to use fewer chemicals. In addition to better efficacy, our products can also be easily applied with conventional textile machines and is compatible with other fabric treatments. We meet international FR standards with exceptional performance that meet flammability standards in the industries we serve without affecting the characteristics of the fabrics.

We are different as we actually make our own chemicals in the US, as we don’t buy chemicals from large companies and then package again. That is the key difference between our company and other chemical companies. Furthermore, we also ensure that our products are free from heavy metals, Halogen and Formaldehyde.
Please tell us what is your marketing strategy in Pakistan? And how do you market your products and services to textile mills in Pakistan?
Pakistan is one of the leading countries which supply flame resistant work wear and garments to Europe. Alexium and iTextiles have been working since last eight months, yet my association with Mr. Mujeeb Khan goes as far back as 2006. Our representative iTextiles by virtue of its experience and relationship with mills in Pakistan enjoys excellent relations with the mill which provide fabrics and garments to Europe. In this context, iTextiles also helps mills in Pakistan to meet those ever changing regulations and develop new markets. They are already working together with several textile and garment mills to develop fabrics with Alexium chemistry and also help brands to market these products in Europe.
I would go as far to say that together we help the mills to find the relevant customers in Europe as we share the knowledge and knowhow with our customers in Pakistan, to build their brand and to help complete the value chain. For example, at Techtextil, we look at the fabrics and garments and give our feedback, as you know for technical textiles, it is all about product function and attributes. Mr. Mujeeb Khan has worked with different mills in Pakistan thus he is able to help the customers to develop the right product and sales pitch to compete and excel in this very specific field of flame retardant fabrics. For example leaders such as Nishat and Sapphire are looking into Alexium Chemistry.

The trick on flame resistant chemistry is the textile still has to be beautiful, with with durable FR treatment. Anybody can impart a flame resistant finish to the textiles, but retaining the fabric attributes, softness and comfort is the key to the success of Alexium chemistry. We are working together with canvas manufacturers in Pakistan, whereas, military apparel is another application, which also has a significant potential in Pakistan.

Please share your feedback regarding Alexium presence at Techtextil Frankfurt exhibition?
Alexium co-exhibited with their distributor and partner iTextiles, and was able to introduce their eco-friendly flame retardant products to many new contacts and meet with with existing interested companies to plan out the next steps in the development cycle. These companies included fabric mills, finishing plants and other textile chemical companies who would like to offer eco-friendly flame retardants to their customers.

We spoke to over 15 companies interested in Alexium’s FR solutions for workwear applications. Similarity, we made contact with 10 companies interested in FR chemistry for U.S. and foreign militaries and engaged with 12 companies in the bedding and decorative fabrics markets, who need eco-friendly FR solutions.

Techtextil also attracts many decision-makers and Alexium is pleased to add, that a number of meetings took place with technical specialists, product development managers, directors and company presidents during their time at the show.

In short, Alexium received a great response from the companies that were present at the exhibition, which further validates the demand for our award winning and environmental friendly flame retardant chemistries.

With the sales team only having just returned from Techtextil, Alexium has already seen requests and fabric being shipped to the Greer facility from the customers. In addition to this, nearly all the companies that visited the booth expressed a keen interest in our relationship with our co-branding partner iTextiles who shared the booth at Techtextil.