Archive News Releases 2004

Press Release, 12/15/04
NCTO Analysis Shows Chinese Apparel Prices 76% Below U.S. Prices and 58% Below Rest of World’s Prices

GAFTT News Release, 11/30/04
Chinese Efforts to Silence Developing Countries on Textile and Clothing Quota Crisis Thwarted  

Joint News Release, 11/3/04
U.S. Government Accepts Five More Special Textile China Safeguard Petitions for Consideration

Press Release, 11/3/04
NCTO Congratulates President Bush, New and Returning Members of Congress

China Textile Safeguard UPDATE, 10/29/04
CITA Accepts for Consideration Industry’s Threat-Based Petition for Textile Safeguard Action on Imports of Cotton Trousers from China.

– Click HERE to see statement by James C. Leonard, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Textiles and Apparel, and Chair of the Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements (CITA), and a CITA Fact Sheet on this issue.

Press Release, 10/29/04

Press Release, 10/12/04
Press release on China safeguard petitions being filed this week (PDF)

Press Release, 10/12/04
GAFTT Urges United States to Approve Textile and Clothing Safeguard Petitions Filed by U.S. Industry (PDF) 

Coalition Press Release, 10/1/04
Dozens of Developing World Countries Demand WTO Action on the Impact of Quota Phase-out 

Coalition Press Release, 9/28/04
U.S. Textile Industry Urges WTO to Address Textile Crisis at Its October 1 Council on Goods Meeting 

Statement, 9/22/04
Statement of G. Stephen Felker Avondale Mills, Inc. on Trade Preferences for Haiti (PDF)

Press Release, 9/9/04
NCTO Calls on Administration to Accept 301 Petition on Chinese Currency Manipulation 

Press Release, 9/1/04
Updated Study Shows China Now Grabbing 72% of U.S. Apparel Market in Quota-Free Categories 

Press Release, 7/27/04
Euratex and GAFTT Call for Immediate WTO Action (PDF)

Press Release, 7/21/04
Textile CEOs Demand Action on China at Washington Unity Event

  • Textile Coalition Agrees to Launch Major Media and Grassroots Campaigns in the Carolinas
  • International Groups Back Industry Efforts to Counter Looming Chinese Takeover of World Textile Trade

Press Release, 6/23/04
NCTO Announces Support for U.S. – Australia Free Trade Agreement, Opposition to FTAs with Bahrain and Morocco

Press Release, 6/17/04
Textile and Clothing Trade Associations from 47 Countries Call for Emergency WTO Meeting to Address Crisis Associated with Expiration of Textile and Apparel Quotas (PDF)

Press Release, 6/16/04
New Data Show China Approaching Monopoly in Quota-Free Apparel Categories (PDF)

Press Release, 6/9/04
117 Members of Congress Urge President to Support Emergency Meeting on Textile and Apparel Quotas (PDF)

Press Release, 6/4/04
South Carolina Congressional Candidates Surveyed on Textile Issues (PDF)

NCTO Comments, 5/19/04
NCTO Comments on China Non-Market Economy Status

Press Release, 5/13/04
NCTO Dismayed by Customs Results on Vietnam

NCTO Comments, 5/11/04
U.S. – Thailand – Submission to U.S. International Trade Commission

Press Release, 5/10/04
NCTO Cites Huge Chinese Price Gap from Currency Manipulation

NCTO Comments, 4/30/04
US – Morocco – Submission to U.S. International Trade Commission

Press Release, 4/27/04
Statement by NCTO – ITC Hearing on CAFTA (PDF)

CAFTA follow up letter from NCTO   (5/10/04)