NCTO Amplifying the Policy Issues Impacting the Industry

On the communications and press front, NCTO President and CEO Kim Glas penned two important and insightful op-eds, outlining how Section 301 tariffs and the U.S.-Dominic Republic (CAFTA-DR) agreement are helping the U.S. textile industry, a key American manufacturing sector, compete.

In the first piece, Kim wrote a joint op-ed with CECATEC-RD Executive Director Patricia Figueroa that showcases perspectives from both the U.S. and Central American textile and apparel industries on the state of nearshoring in Central America and focuses on the region and our co-production chain as a strong sourcing alternative to Asia, even in a down market.

Read the op-ed here: Why Central Ameria Makes Sense–Even in a Down Market

The second opinion piece, titled “Keep China in Check: Don’t let Section 301 Tariffs Expire,” published by The Hill, outlines how the Section 301 tariffs on finished apparel and textile products has created a more level playing field against unfair trade practices, such as forced labor in China.

It is a timely opinion piece, in light of the U.S. Trade Representative Office’s pending four-year review and decision that will weigh heavily on the U.S. textile industry.

Please see a link to the op-ed on The Hill’s website here: Keep China in check: Don’t let Section 301 tariffs expire.